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12 February 2012 @ 06:16 pm
Amber Heard  01 - 04, Crystal Reed 05 - 11,  Claire Holt  12 - 19, Dianna Agron 20 - 28, Holland Roden 29 - 40, Karen Gillian 41 - 50, Katie Cassidy 51 - 59, Leighton Meester 60 - 68, Johnny Depp  69 - 75, The Vampire Diaries 76 - 95, Ashley Benson & Lucy Hale 96 - 104

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(This pic is not mine, but I really love Ariana! And I also want to be a unicorn:))

Hey, guys! It's me agaaaain :) In Lithuania weather isn't very bad, but for me - it's cold. After this week, I will have a short vocations! Awww yeaaa! Again, I took dances, our group is called "FREEDOM', all girls are really friendly and I'm glad  I''m glad to join them. Btw, I now turn to another class, which I hope I feel better.
Now about my new batch. This time I made 113 ICONS!
FEMALE: Vanessa Hudgens, Helena Bonham Carter, Jessica Lowdnes, Deborah Ann Woll, Ariana Grande, Leighton Meester, Audrey Kitching, Blake Lively, Victoria Justice & Nina Dobrev.
MALE: Xavier Samuel, Harry Styles & Alex Pettyfer.

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! Also look forward to comments and criticisms. Btw, don't forget to credit inolvidarte or yourrwish!


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(this gif is not mine, i found it on tumblr, but i really like it)

Heeeeey guuuuuys, after a long break (yeah) I'm here again with REQUESTS. And fuck yeaaaah, TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER!!!! I hope this will be great month :) Since the school year began, I do not have time.. you know - homework, friends and so on.. And school srsly SUCKS. Btw, the weather in Lithuania not bad, sometines it's cold, sometimes it's warm..
Okay, now about icons.. 10 icons w/ Ariana Grande (she is FUCKING PERFECT REDHEAD); 9 icons w/ Cher Lloyd (i really like her songs); 6 icons w/ Lindsy Fonseca (i think she is beautiful); 7 icons w/ Mary-Kate Olsen & 3 icons w/ Ashley Olsen (both of them are amazing!); 3 icons w/ Kaya Scodelario (sometimes she looks really nice); 5 icons w/ Ashley Greene (i'm not interested in her..); 6 icons w/ Nina Dobrev (srsly, she is AMAZING and i fell in love with her after TVD); 8 icons w/ Dianna Agron (i really like her pink hair!); 4 icons w/ Selena Gomez (she is nice & cute, i like her songs); 5 icons w/ Mila Kunis (her eyes are so big and really nice..); 4 icons w/ Dave Franco (NO COMMENTS); 3 icons w/ Justin Timberlake (i'm not interested in he..); 4 icons w/ Luke Grimes (i do not really know him); 4 w/ Ian Somerhalder (just LOVE him); 6 icons w/ Blake Lively (FUCKING PERFECT BLONDE) && 6 icons w/ Megan Fox (i likeeee her);

So, I hope you like it! And I really  would like to receive advice and criticism.
credit me
[info]inolvidarte or [info]yourrwish


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11 August 2011 @ 11:30 pm

p.s. gif is made by me!!!

After a long break.. I'm here again! In Lithuania weather isn't very good, and also it's boring... So I decided, that it's REQUESTS TIME (agaaaaain) and you cak as me for ICONS, BLENDS, GIFS. If you want icons or blends - give me a photos or gallery links. If you want gifs - give me a youtube link or just say from what movie or a series.
love you all, -M
(p.s. this gif is not mine, I found it on tumblr) 

After a long time I'm here again with my new batch of icons (about them later). Lithuania's weather  is good, it's warm! This week I had a vocation, but it ended very quickly (duuuh)...  I having fun with my some friends. :) Today I have baked cake with my mum and it was really delicious! And hell yeah, finally watched The Vampire Diaries S02E19. It was really fucking awesome!!!
And for sure for a new lj layout thank you nightingails and for new lj mood themes heimweh26 (:
Okey, now about my icons. I don't really like them and I think my icons are getting worse... So this time I made.. 10 icons w/ Cher Lloyd (she is awesome!), 10 icons w/ Ed Westwick (he is nice.. really nice... :D), 9 icons w/ Victoria Justice (she is really beautiful and really similar to Nina Dobrev), 10 icons w/ Lady GaGa (she is good, no matter what other say), 10 icons w/ Nina Dobrev (Nina is fucking awesome!!!!! I really like her), 8 icons w/ Olivia Palermo (she is beautiful:)), 11 icons w/ Selena Gomez (ummh.. I don't really like her, but she is beautiful and her some songs is good), 10 icons w/ Vanessa Hudgens (I don't really like her, but her style is good) and 6 icons w/ Zayn Malik (I don't know him :DD).
So, I hope you like it! And I really  would like to receive advice and criticism.
credit me
inolvidarte or cappuccino 

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19 March 2011 @ 11:20 pm
01. Frida Gustavsson
02. Gillian Zinser
03. Jessica Lowndes
04. Sofia Black D'elia
05. Shay Mitchell
06. Other

comments and credits = LOVE
credit inolvidarte  or cappuccino

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